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WSTO TV is the City of Stoughton community media center representing all aspects of PEG (Public, Educational and Government) programming.  WSTO TV has a community driven mission and works to provide top-quality, local programming at a state of the art level. 

WSTO programming includes complete coverage of all Stoughton City Council and Planning Commission meetings as well as public hearings, public policy forums and other government meetings.  Each week WSTO also produces a wide variety of LIVE and taped community programs including Stoughton Area School District sports, informational talk shows, musical programs, and coverage of local cultural events, parades, and social gatherings.

WSTO broadcasts 24/7 on Spectrum Channel 981 and online, with all WSTO produced programming available on-demand  and on DVD.  WSTO is a small format station and operates an HD television studio with virtual capabilities, HD non-linear edit suites, a remote production box and a HD remote production vehicle.

WSTO is hoping to bring you full high-defininiton programming within the next few years as the city budget allows.

WSTO is a proud member of: