WSTO TV is on Spectrum Channel 981

WSTO TV is located on Spectrum channel 981.  On March 25th, 2014 Charter Communications implemented their digital only television service and moved channels around as well as eliminated other channels.  Act 42 of 2008 requires Spectrum to carry WSTO on all tiers of their service but doesn't require a specific channel number.

Stoughton Sports Network (SSN) is on Spectrum Channel 980

The City of Stoughton IT/Media Services is proud to be launching Stoughton Sports Network on Spectrum Channel 980. After years of under-use, we are finally able to air programming on channel 980. SSN will broadcast live sports, recent sports and long past sports. If you want to see a past sporting event let us know

Don’t have cable? You’re in luck!

If you don't have cable television or want to check in when you're away from home - our live broadcasts and on-demand programs are also available online anytime!