Question: What is the mission of WSTO?
Answer: WSTO’s Mission is to make local government more accessible to Stoughton residents. Since our inception in 1968, we’ve tried to fulfill our Mission by providing coverage of the major local government meetings, as well as public affairs shows that go in-depth on local issues or provide important government information, and coverage of other special meetings and other events that broaden Stoughton’s understanding of the role of City government in their lives.

Question: How is it decided what programming is carried on WSTO?
Answer: Most of WSTO’s regular meeting coverage, public affairs shows, and Community Bulletin Board content are specified in our Mission Statement and have long comprised the great majority of our daily programming. WSTO staff determines the suitability of other programming for our channel, based again on whether or not it fits into that Mission Statement. Ultimately, Media Services Staff make all final decisions on the programming carried on our channel. In exceptional circumstances, the input of the Mayor’s Office may be sought.

Question: How is it decided what meetings and events are covered by WSTO?
Answer: As mentioned above, most of our programming consists of long-standing meetings and other programs. WSTO also has the resources to cover “special” government meetings or public hearings, press conferences/events, and other presentations that relate to government or public affairs. 

Question: How can I suggest an event or program that WSTO should cover?
Answer: Simply contact Derek at  Generally, the event you have in mind should be at least peripherally related to local government or public affairs, and should be of interest to the residents of the City of Stoughton.

Question: I have a video that I’ve produced. How can I get this played on WSTO?
Answer: WSTO does accept programming from outside sources as long as it following the following guidelines
1. The program must meet appropriate technical standards as determined by WSTO staff
2. It must fit within our Mission Statement

Question: What other services does WSTO provide?
Answer: In addition to serving as the City of Stoughton’s public access media center and television station, WSTO provides a number of other services designed to make government information available to the public or help other City agencies meet their communication needs. These include:
1. Serving as the City’s video production facility. We produce public service announcements as well as training, outreach, and informational videos for City agencies and local businesses.
2. Making copies of our programming available, for a small fee.
3. Providing various production/media services to all City agencies, and local business at a small fee

Question: What is PEG Access Television? 
Answer: PEG Access television stands for Public, Educational, and Government Access Television.

Question: Why is Government Access important?
Answer: In a politically aware community such as Stoughton, it’s vital for citizens to have a way to stay engaged with the activities of their local government. Through the programming we offer - such as our coverage of government meetings, public affairs shows, Community Bulletin Board, and coverage of other special events, WSTO makes it easy for Stoughton residents to follow issues that matter in their lives. You don’t have to fight traffic and hunt for a parking spot to attend a City Council meeting. You also don’t have to rely on a one-minute story on the 10 o’clock news or a quick summary in the daily newspaper – thanks to WSTO you can follow discussion and votes on important issues in their entirety – from gavel to gavel!

Question: Who oversees WSTO operations?
Answer: The operations of WSTO are overseen by the City of Stoughton Media Services Department.  The Media Services Department reports directly to the City Council.

Question: How is WSTO funded?
Answer: WSTO is funded through a franchise agreement negotiated with Charter Communications by the State of Wisconsin. Additionally, WSTO is supported through sponsorships or underwriting by local businesses, and revenues produced through DVD sales and video production services.

Question: How do I obtain a copy of a WSTO Program?
Answer: Order above where it says "Buy Videos"