Would you like to have your own show?

WSTO 's Studio is open to all residents of the City of Stoughton to produce Shows as long as they meet our current policies.

Show Ideas:

  • Weekly local news show
  • Upcoming events show
  • Music review show
  • What Stoughton has to offer type show
  • Political shows
  • Youth programming
  • Inspirational Shows

How does WSTO help?

The staff at WSTO will do all of the technical aspects of the show if needed.  Our studio uses Virtual Sets through our Tricaster 40 and are recorded in 1080p HD.  We have professional studio lighting and a green screen studio that allows for a great show and set.  If you would like to have your own show contact Derek Westby, Media Production Specialist at dwestby@ci.stoughton.wi.us