Here are the rules and expectations for all Media Services Staff:

  1. Show up at or before the scheduled time at the location dictated
  2. The end time of the shoot on the Google Calendar is irrelevant - Expect to work at least 5 hours, we never know how long things will go.
  3. No Shorts, No Sandals, no exceptions
  4. Alcohol use is prohibited while working
  5. Drug use is prohibited and you are subject to random drug testing
  6. If you cannot work a scheduled shift notify Derek at least 2 WEEKS in advance unless it is a FAMILY emergency.  Notifications must come via e-mail to
  7. The schedule usually gives a month advanced notice so if you know ahead of time you can't work a specific day, let me know a month in advance to make things easier, this is not a requirement it is just helpful
  8. Please fill out a time slip so that Derek can enter it into the software.  Pay periods are 2 weeks long (Sunday - Saturday) and you get paid the following Friday
  9. At a shoot you answer to the director of the shoot.  If the director of the shoot is not Derek, the director of the shoot answers to Derek.
  10. No you cannot borrow equipment without Derek's permission
  11. Please don't text and do camera, it can wait.
  12. Act professionally at all time, after all you do represent WSTO, the Media Services Department and the City of Stoughton.
  13. This is a job and should be treated as such.