WSTO TV wins another Merit Award



WSTO TV received notification that it had won a Merit Award for Stoughton High School Football Coverage in the LIVE category.  WSTO TV was notified by Wisconsin Community Media Executive Director Mary Cardona that they received a Merit Award for their Coverage of the Stoughton vs. Oregon Football Game on September 22nd, 2017.  WSTO entered the program in the Best of the Midwest Media Fest for 2017.  Derek Westby, City of Stoughton Communications Manager stated that "This was likely the best football coverage we've done since I began working for the city 12 years ago."  Westby continued "We hope to continue to improve our coverage and transmission methods in hope of winning an excellence award."

Westby will recieve the award at the Best of the Midwest Media Fest Banquet on May 10th in Oshkosh.


For more information Contact:
Derek Westby
Communications Manager & IT Operations Specialist
City of Stoughton IT/Media Services Department